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“How to see? Where to see from? What limits vision? What to see for? Whom to see with? Who gets to have more than one point of view? Who gets blinded? Who wears blinders? Who interprets the visual field? What other sensory powers do we wish to cultivate besides vision?" (Donna Haraway, 1991)


NEUE FRAU works to use open source GANs to create examples of varied female imagery, reminiscent of the futurist dreams of cyborg feminists of a future in which any reality may be constructed, particularly those in which traditional gender binaries and patriarchal structures are overturned in the ever-evolving journey for gender equality and social equity. The series invites viewers to come up close and personal with the images themselves, to observe and question for themselves which elements may be real or constructed, human or non-human, and which kinds of influences and prejudices may underscore each work. While exploring the numerous stylized facets of generative AI art through open-sourced machine learning software, the images showcase potent examples of algorithmic biases, particularly involving the depiction of skewed racial preferences within generative media as a whole. 


The installation series aims to bring about critical questions around who is behind the creation and programming of the technology in our lives, what specific predispositions and motives they may unknowingly or purposefully impart to their machines and algorithms, and who may be misrepresented or excluded as a result.

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