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If the Post-human era revolves around beliefs in human enhancement and evolving connections to a sense of ‘self’, it seems only natural that in an effort to optimize our body and soul, questions will arise as to the place of spirituality and religious heritage in this rapidly reconstructed landscape. As we stretch the limits of what it means to be human, how might religions need to reconsider their theological approaches to allow for the participation of various types of subjectivities and embodied entities in the religious quest? Will believers be discriminated against because of their embodiments? Can Robots believe in Gods?


POST-HEAVEN aims to address a the beauty of spiritual evolution, and explore a future where the physical, virtual, and symbolic are inextricably intertwined, exploring religious identity through the lens of cyborg theory of constructing the self. Using AI deep machine learning technology, images are constructed using layered prompts and commands, creating an abstract atmosphere of digitized divinity; a distinctly heavenly cyberspace.

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