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Galerie Nova Perla, Krasna Lipa CZ



Created and executed by the FAMU Studio of Intermedia, the show served as the culmination of a week-long artists’ residency at Nova Perla: a renovated textile plant in northern Czech Republic now used as living and art spaces.


The group chose to draw from themes of romanticism viewed through an environmental and personal lens, exploring layered interconnections of the natural, physical, and spiritual. Over the course of the residency, the participating artists immersed themselves in the history and aesthetic of this artistic movement, drawing inspiration from its themes of emotion, individuality, and the sublime. They also delved deeply into the concept of gift giving, examining its cultural and psychological significance and exploring the ways in which it can be both a source of joy and a source of tension.


Artists were instructed to use found or repurposed objects as the base for their installations, with natural materials and recycled textiles common in many of the final outputs. The results of this exploration are on display in this exhibition, where visitors can experience a wide range of works that showcase the artists’ unique perspectives on these themes, from striking paintings and sculptures to multimedia pieces.


Exhibiting artists: Michael Amico, Zuska Bielecka, Irma Briford, Anna Cernicka, Irina Degtereva, Erik Hoim, Lenka Janíčková, Nikita Kartashev, Anna Kassahunová, Eliška Klimešová, Yucheng Lin, Jonathan Machander, Eva Palčič, Villads Rex, Kacper Senkowski, Borek Smazinka, Vláďa Švestka, Nikolay Tretyachenko, Šimon Varaus, Yutong Xie


Curated by: Ava Holtzman, Jiří Procházka, Stepanka Simlova

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