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Galerie Panel, Prague CZ



Opening exhibition by curatorial team for the beginning of the Galerie Panel revival project. After a period of inactivity post-Covid, the aim of the project is to reinstate curatorial and constriction teams to ensure a yearly program of events and exhibitions for university students and the community. The space featured a backlit fabric installation constructed with recycled gauze material to represent the emergence from a dormant womb of the gallery’s activities.

Following the opening program was a short discussion of the past and future of the gallery use, as well as announcement of the first open call for exhibition propositions for the coming spring semester, as well as a brief DJ set by group (mavidity.

Curatorial team:

Ava Holtzman, Eliska Klimesová, Lenka Janícková

Construction team:

Ondrej Konrád, Simon Varaus, Afanasy Shishebarov

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