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Galerie Panel, Prague CZ



Shot in the south of Lebanon on analog, this installation explores the rise of the wearing of the hijab in Lebanon influenced by the Iranian presence in its southern territories. The photographs, shot on 35mm, try to recreate a Lebanese sunny and harsh summer day while a woman tries to enjoy the sun under her thick hijab, yet introduce fun fresh and colourful elements.


The short film, shot on super8mm, explores the same subject but this time takes us on a deeper experience with this middle-aged veiled woman. The film is an experimental and poetic exploration of a bored and lonely woman trying to understand her new feelings and desires. Based on absurdist humor and inspired by maya Deren’s work, this short film gives you a piece of the inner world of Muslim Lebanese women


Exhibiting artist: Leila Basma

Curated by: Ava Holtzman, Eliška Klimešová

Exhbiition construction: Ondřej Konrád

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