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Gabriel Loci, Prague CZ



A culmination of the Studio of Intermedia's creative endeavors in an interactive and immersive semester exhibition. Explore the connections and boundaries between humanity, technology, and nature, and discover how complex systems can be interpreted and visualized.


Delve into the questions of what systems and processes the world is built on, and the implications they have on the planet, society, and our day-to-day lives. The works span a variety of artistic expressions including sculpture, film, site-specific installation, experimental audio-visuals, and more, aiming to investigate how complex webs of the natural and man-made world intertwine.


Curated by

Ava Holtzman

Exhibiting artists:

Michael Amico, Hsin Yi Chiu, Irina Degtereva, Ava Holtzman, Lenka Janíčková, Nikita Kartashev, Anna Kassahunová, Eliška Klimešová, Yucheng Lin, Eva Palčič, Kacper Senkowski, Borek Smazinka, Václav Sobek, Maksym Toussaint, Nikolay Tretyachenko, Šimon Varaus, Vláďa Švestka, Klára Žantová

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