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Exhibition selected for OFF Festival of Contemporary Photography, Bratislava SK



What is it to miss a home you used to hate? Which memories have we forgotten? Where can someone truly be free? Focusing mainly on the temporality of home in both emotion and physicality, the students’ works explore further questions into the effects of place on identity and memory, the intent of artificially constructed spaces, and the transition from a past home into something new. Between Anywhere and Nowhere encompasses the feeling of being somewhere in flux, situated between a blurry past and foggy future.

The exhibition space featured a fully constructed living room space with two-door entry and a floor built from leftover recycled materials.

Exhibiting artists: Andreas Bocher, Ava Holtzman, Axel Ling, Eva Palcic, Hsin Yi Chiu, Kacper Senkowski, Lukas Prochazka, Maddy Sabble, Mike Ma, Shih Yun Chien, Simon Varaus, Villads Rex, Yucheng Lin

Curated by:

Ava Holtzman

Exhibition construction:

Lukas Prochazka, Mike Ma

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