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A[V]OID Gallery, Prague CZ



Emotional Damage showcases the final year and semester projects of the Studio of Intermedia at Photo FAMU. Students were encouraged to move beyond the white cube, producing and installing works in the non-traditional exhibition space located on a repurposed boat in the Vlatava river, and in the form of a pop up gallery opening: lasting only one day. The works include audiovisual installation, still photography, and experimental painting and textiles.



Exhibiting artists: Vladislav Švestka + Anna Kassahulová, Irina Degtereva, Kristýna Mikulková, Alex Chudá, Eva Palčič, Raphael Taterka, Kacper Senkowski, Ava Holtzman, Flore Rigoigne, Olivia Morris Andersén, Hsin-Yi Chiu, Sarah Kidder, Borek Smažinka, Micheal Amico


Curated by: Ava Holtzman, Stepanka Simlova

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